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Видео с PTR: сражение с боссами Morchok и Yor’sahj the Unsleeping

На тестовом сервере MMORPG World of Warcraft были сняты видеоролики, демонстрирующие схватки в новом рейде «Душа Дракона» с боссами Morchok и Yor’sahj the Unsleeping. Авторы отмечают, что поддерживать потоковую трансляцию и создать видео было довольно сложно из-за небольших проблем на сервере.

Смотреть далее

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Т13 рыцарей смерти пришлось переделывать

Изображения комплекта брони Т13 для рыцарей смерти MMORPG World of Warcraft скоро появятся, сообщает компания Blizzard Entertainment. Утомленные долгим ожиданием игроки решили, что его покажут на выставке BlizzCon, однако оказалось что это не так.

«Насколько мне известно, мы не планируем показывать его на BlizzCon, — сказал представитель компании, — хотя выпуск комплекта мог совпасть по времени с выставкой. Т13 рыцарей смерти должен появиться в том же порядке, что и остальные, — в блоге на главной странице официального сайта. Мы бы хотели опубликовать изображения на следующей неделе, если бы могли, однако не можем ничего обещать в связи с подготовкой к BlizzCon (сегодня я был на работе в течение 13 часов)».

«Мы создали концепт-арт Т13 для рыцарей смерти, — добавил он, — однако при переносе его в игру почувствовали, что по качеству он не дотягивает до комплектов других классов (вообще, он был готов еще несколько недель назад). Поэтому мы решили вернуться за чертежную доску и нарисовать все заново».


Обновление галереи WotLK: деревня Ледяной Пыли и северный таурен

Обновлена [hide]галерея дополнения Wrath of the Lich King[/hide] для MMORPG World of Warcraft, [hide]сообщает[/hide] компания Blizzard Entertainment. В нее вошли 5 новых изображений, среди которых такие как: «Деревня Ледяной Пыли», «Обелиск», «Северный таурен» и «Йети».

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Breakfast Topic: Is Azeroth’s technology too advanced?

This [hide]Breakfast Topic[/hide] has been brought to you by [hide]Seed[/hide], the AOL guest writer program that brings [hide]your words[/hide] to WoW Insider’s pages.

The party agrees to meet just outside the dragon’s lair at sunset for a surprise attack.

First to arrive is the Night Elf Allara; the huntress silently tests her bowstring, as the nightsaber at her feet opens its mouth for a huge yawn. Next is Grizz, the mighty Dwarf; he adjusts his plate armor carefully, tightening the straps. Then Doria, a Worgen rogue; she slips in amidst the pair unnoticed and greets them with a huff from her canine nostrils. Fourth is Elden, an aged Human priest; he moves with serene grace, his simple robes making a gentle hiss in the cool evening air.

And lastly … «Hey guys! Sorry I’m late!» roars Nitpik the Gnome as he gallops in atop a clanking Mechanostrider. His mace — a rotating gear — creaks loudly as he hops to the ground, landing with a crunch in his jet boots. The tiny technophile adjusts his goggles and pats the mechanical chicken at his side. «What’d I miss?»

Azeroth has a lot of advanced machinery. From the [hide]Gnomish Death Ray[/hide] to the [hide]Goblin Rocket Launcher[/hide], from biplanes to zeppelins, from logging robots to entire mechanized defense systems, the World of Warcraft is an odd blend of fantasy and science fiction. In Cataclysm, the emphasis shifted away from robots and ancient machines — the elemental planes have a distinctly organic feel, and the other zones are all rooted in the natural world — yet we also saw the addition of playable Goblins, a race that’s arguably brought more new technology to the landscape than almost any other.

Do these technologies belong in a swords-and-sorcery fantasy setting? Do you think there should be a cap on how advanced technology can get in such a world, or should it be allowed to run wild? Does seeing a sword-wielding Orc alongside a Goblin with a shotgun ever strike you as odd, or do you find it perfectly acceptable?
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Around Azeroth: Where to hide the body

Hidden in a stack of crates below Grommash Hold, just to the left of [hide]Urtharo[/hide] the weapon merchant, right behind an open crate full of axes, stands this isolated Human torso. No, really, go check it out yourself! «He doesn’t seem too happy since he seems to have lost half his body and his pants,» writes submitter [hide]Foxstrife[/hide] of Maiev (US-H). «Probably shouldn’t look in those crates …»

Gallery: [hide]Around Azeroth 3[/hide][hide][/hide][hide][/hide][hide][/hide][hide][/hide][hide][/hide]

Want to see your own screenshot here? Send it to [hide][/hide]. We strongly prefer full-sized pictures with no UI or names showing. Please include «Azeroth» in the subject line so your email doesn’t get marked as spam, and include your name, guild and server if you want to be credited.
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The Queue: Cats and Dogs

Welcome back to [hide]The Queue[/hide], the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

A short but sweet ditty from The Head and The Heart. Anyone else think that blonde gal is super-cute? Also, guy on the keyboard: I do the exact same thing when the claps come up when I’m listening to the song. My face when it happened in the video: :O -> 😀 -> :3

Daedalus asked:

So, after reading the latest leader story, I was left with one question: is there any lore around «Remembrance Day» besides in Blood of Our Fathers? Do we know when it’s celebrated? And do you think there’s any chance we’ll see it as an in-game holiday?

It appears to just be window dressing for the short story. The holiday exists, I’m sure, within the context of the game’s lore now, but whether it becomes an actual in-game holiday is anyone’s guess. It seems to serve a similar purpose to the Harvest Festival, though. Or at least what the Harvest Festival used to be, where you’d go talk to … was it Uther or something? I hate holidays.

[hide]Continue reading The Queue: Cats and Dogs[/hide]Filed under: [hide]The Queue[/hide][hide]The Queue: Cats and Dogs[/hide] originally appeared on [hide]WoW Insider[/hide] on Sat, 15 Oct 2011 12:00:00 EST. Please see our [hide]terms for use of feeds[/hide].[hide]Permalink[/hide] | [hide]Email this[/hide] | [hide]Comments[/hide]


«There are no simple solutions» — Design diversity in WoW

In a [hide]recent post[/hide] on the forums, Bashiok responded to the idea that [hide]1.35% of all WoW players have completed normal Firelands[/hide] and what that does or does not mean for the recent changes implemented to the raid instance. It’s a very interesting and information-filled post that I think deserves a thorough examination, as it reveals elements of Blizzard’s current design philosophy and how and why it chooses to alter raids from their initial difficulty levels.

I intend to go over the entire post carefully, but here are some highlights to ponder up front:

The 1.35% number is just plain wrong. Blizzard has its own numbers that it’s not going to share, but the 1.35% is probably as accurate as could be expected without access to Blizzard’s internal data gathering.

Blizzard’s design intent is to make content for all of the playerbase. «It’s both a blessing and a curse that the WoW player base is as large and diverse as it is.»

Players raid for many different reasons, some challenge, others loot, and others just to see the content. Some players are happy if they just see a boss once, while others enjoy weekly clearing.

The idea of being willing to wipe a hundred or more times to clear a boss, a staple of the raider mentality for years, is not appealing to most players.

OK, so now that we’ve picked out a few highlights, let’s go over the entire post and really consider the implications of designing for as many players as possible.[hide]Continue reading «There are no simple solutions» — Design diversity in WoW[/hide]Filed under: [hide]Analysis / Opinion[/hide], [hide]News items[/hide], [hide]Lore[/hide], [hide]Hotfixes[/hide][hide]«There are no simple solutions» — Design diversity in WoW[/hide] originally appeared on [hide]WoW Insider[/hide] on Sat, 15 Oct 2011 14:00:00 EST. Please see our [hide]terms for use of feeds[/hide].[hide]Permalink[/hide] | [hide]Email this[/hide] | [hide]Comments[/hide]


Arcane Brilliance: News and notes from the patch 4.3 PTR

Every week, WoW Insider brings you [hide]Arcane Brilliance[/hide] for [hide]arcane[/hide], [hide]fire[/hide] and [hide]frost[/hide] mages. This week we come bearing information from the patch 4.3 PTR. Many warlocks died to bring you this information. Well, many warlocks died; bringing you this information had very little to do with that.

Coming soon.

Those words have mocked me for what feels like forever but in reality was only a couple weeks. When [hide]the initial patch notes[/hide] were released for the [hide]patch 4.3[/hide] PTR, other classes got changes. Other classes had new things to discuss, new topics to broach on the official forums and then engage in rational, polite discourse about. But not mages. Under our section of the patch notes, we got those two hateful words, Blizzard’s dubious trademark phrase.

Coming soon.

But no more! We can cease our waiting, our trembling, anxious vigil. For the latest build of the PTR has delivered to us a handful of discussion-worthy changes. Let’s all release our collective bated breath and move forward as a class. Because, my fellow mages: Soon, apparently, is now.[hide]Continue reading Arcane Brilliance: News and notes from the patch 4.3 PTR[/hide]Filed under: [hide]Mage[/hide], [hide]Analysis / Opinion[/hide], [hide](Mage) Arcane Brilliance[/hide][hide]Arcane Brilliance: News and notes from the patch 4.3 PTR[/hide] originally appeared on [hide]WoW Insider[/hide] on Sat, 15 Oct 2011 16:00:00 EST. Please see our [hide]terms for use of feeds[/hide].[hide] | Permalink[/hide] | [hide]Email this[/hide] | [hide]Comments[/hide]


The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Patch 4.3 and its implications

Every week, WoW Insider brings you [hide]The Care and Feeding of Warriors[/hide], the column dedicated to [hide]arms[/hide], [hide]fury[/hide] and [hide]protection warriors[/hide]. Despite repeated blows to the head from dragons, demons, Old Gods and whatever that thing over there was, Matthew Rossi will be your host.

I admit I was hoping there would be more changes to warriors to talk about by now. At least so far, the [hide]patch 4.3 PTR[/hide] has been fairly quiet on the warrior front. Sure, fury got a nerf, and a fairly large one. Fury’s been the melee spec that’s actually done good damage this raid tier, so I knew the writing was on the wall for it. What I didn’t expect was the [hide]particular blend of buff and nerf[/hide] that the spec has seen. Meanwhile, arms and protection have not changed at all, and this far into the PTR, I find that kind of baffling.

Nerfing [hide]Dual-Wield Specialization[/hide] to remove the 5% physical damage bonus — that, I understand. It’s an easy Band-Aid to rip off of the spec to flat-out reduce all damage done, and with all physical attack power buffs adding 20% instead of 10% melee AP in 4.3, it’s likely we won’t really even feel it. What that change does is lower fury’s base so that it doesn’t scale better than every other melee once the AP changes are in. No, I’m not surprised at all by that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if [hide]Precision[/hide] gets a nerf as well to reduce our white damage slightly. While I absolutely do not agree with these changes, believe them justified in any way, or support them, I at least understand them.[hide]Continue reading The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Patch 4.3 and its implications[/hide]Filed under: [hide]Warrior[/hide], [hide]Analysis / Opinion[/hide], [hide]Raiding[/hide], [hide]Cataclysm[/hide][hide]The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Patch 4.3 and its implications[/hide] originally appeared on [hide]WoW Insider[/hide] on Sat, 15 Oct 2011 18:00:00 EST. Please see our [hide]terms for use of feeds[/hide].[hide]Permalink[/hide] | [hide]Email this[/hide] | [hide]Comments[/hide]


Totem Talk: Elemental tier 12 nerfed on the PTR

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Totem Talk for [hide]elemental[/hide], [hide]enhancement[/hide], and [hide]restoration[/hide] shaman. [hide]Josh Myers[/hide] once only tackled the hard questions about enhancement but has recently expanded his sphere of responsibility to all shaman DPS specs. (And no, two-handed enhancement is still never coming back.)

As I sit writing this, there’s a huge storm raging outside my house. Thunderstorm’s customary 45-second cooldown isn’t in effect, and there’s so much lightning flashing it’s sort of like [hide]Pikachus[/hide] are having a Pokemon battle in the sky. Oh, and there’s rain, too. Not the nice, healing kind that you like to stand in, either. I’m thinking this storm might be the response of elemental shaman everywhere to today’s latest 4.3 changes, when this gem was found on the PTR. (Please note: This isn’t reflected in Blizzard’s official patch notes yet, but the change is up on test realms.)

Your damaging spells have a 30% chance to reduce the remaining cooldown on your Fire Elemental Totem by 4 sec.


Yeah, that happened. We kind of had a feeling it would, since the T12 set bonus is so ridiculously good — like, it’s so good that if it were a cake or any other form of dessert, it would give you diabetes just from looking at it. My [hide]earliest estimates[/hide] of the set bonus said it was something like a 3,000 DPS increase. By BIS heroic gear, it’s more like a 6,000 DPS increase from a single set bonus. For gear balance issues, that bonus was too good. Blizzard generally intends set bonuses to be within the ballpark of 5% DPS increases. This was more like 15% to 20%.[hide]Continue reading Totem Talk: Elemental tier 12 nerfed on the PTR[/hide]Filed under: [hide]Shaman[/hide], [hide]Analysis / Opinion[/hide], [hide]Raiding[/hide], [hide](Shaman) Totem Talk[/hide], [hide]Cataclysm[/hide][hide]Totem Talk: Elemental tier 12 nerfed on the PTR[/hide] originally appeared on [hide]WoW Insider[/hide] on Sat, 15 Oct 2011 20:00:00 EST. Please see our [hide]terms for use of feeds[/hide].[hide]Permalink[/hide] | [hide]Email this[/hide] | [hide]Comments[/hide]